Rescuing a drowning child

17 September, 2008 – 22:38

I have strong desire to see the ocean. I start to walk and very soon huge sand dunes emerge in front of me. I can hear the waves as I follow the gravel path towards the shore and I feel excited. “I’m going to see the ocean again!” The first thing I see when I pass the dunes is a huge wave raising several meters above the ground and it hits the shore with an enormous force. When the wave has disappeared I spot a child in the water, almost drowning. She’s fighting against the currents that want to drag her away from land and it leaves me no time for reflection. Immediately I throw myself into the water and I manage to save her. When I stand there with the child in my arms I turn around towards the shore and about 50 meters away I notice a sun-bathing woman, supposedly the little girl’s mother. She is unaware of what has happened to the girl and I blame her for not supervising her daughter. This irritation is soon replaced by a dreadful and overwhelming hopelessness.

This was a dream I had July 22.


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