Blog #26 Catchup after long time no see

9 July, 2009 – 09:28

So we managed to get together and do some catching up.

Part 1:

Part 2:

We Are Still Alive!

8 April, 2009 – 12:14

Yes, it’s true. We survived another cold swedish winter.


Cover by Marcus – Don’t think twice by Bob Dylan

15 December, 2008 – 00:10

Some time this summer. Don’t remember the exact date but it was a very beautiful evening. Quiet with a clear sky and bright, as it is here in Sweden on the summer nights.
Anyway, I (Goran) was over at Marcus house. We chilled, talked about life in general and everything in it 😉
In the middle of talking about something regarding the band Marcus says:
“Oh, but the way, I’ve recorded a video with me doing a cover”
I said “Yeah really?”
He replied “Yeah, really”
And then he showed me this….

Medieval Chinese Couples

1 October, 2008 – 19:57

I’m standing on a kickbike, riding down a road that leads to the area in my hometown where freight trains arrive. I reach the railroad tracks and I see several chinese couples who are getting married. They are all, to my surprise, dressed in medieval clothes. I’m not entirely sure whether they are modern people with old clothing or if they actually have travelled in time. One couple is just about to say “yes” to the priest, even though they seem very reluctant to do so. Finally they both accept the marriage and the audience basically orders them to kiss each other. I’m terrified.

A dream I had 3rd of August, 2008.


I become a rebel

24 September, 2008 – 19:30

I am in a big square with plenty of other people as we get attacked by hostile robots. They outnumber us and since they want to extinct the human race I decide to flee. I choose a narrow little street on the opposite side of where I stand and then starts to run. A few miles down the road I see a group of people hiding on a roof. I try to get up there but unfortunately I’m too short so I give up. Just as I am about to leave someone from the roof comes down. He says he wants to help me and that he is tall enough to be able to climb up there by his own means. I thank him and soon I’m surrounded by a bunch of unknown people outside a forever-changed city, now occupied by the enemy. I then suggest that we should move to the higher buildings and they seem to think it’s a good idea. We reach the new roof and we discuss whether we should lie down and try to melt in. Someone says that a chopper might fly by. After a while an impatient woman asks what we’re supposed to do. She wonders for how long we must stay like this and if there is any hope at all. I mention that during World War 2 several resistance groups survived and that I think we will too – if we are smart. A few hours later we – the rebels – continue to walk down the narrow road until we reach an abondoned peaceful bay where we also decide to stay. This is where we are going to build our new homes, this will be our headquarter.

A dream I had July 29, 2008.


Catching a thief

22 September, 2008 – 18:34

Me and a couple of friends decide to visit my parents’ summer house and in order to do that we need to go by boat. When we arrive I can see that the front door is wide open but I can’t see any sign of anyone being inside so I dare to enter the house. Suddenly a 30-year-old woman jumps out in front of me. She rushes out in the garden but I hesitate before I decide to follow after, not because I am scared but because I’m not entirely sure that she deserves to be punished. Anyway, after a dramatic chase I force her to ground with my knees and ask one of my friends to call the police. The fight between me and the woman is tough, and I get no help from my friends. I order them to call the police again to ask them to hurry up. I even call the police myself once. The woman then draws a well-hidden gun. Quickly I grab her wrist to prevent her from aiming at me and then I compel her drop the weapon. Finally a female police-officer arrives in an odd oblong boat. She takes care of the thief and then starts to interrogate me. I answer the questions but I am extremely upset.

A dream I had July 25, 2008.


A confusing conversation and a threat

20 September, 2008 – 13:19

I find myself sitting by a table with my girlfriend and an unknown 50-year-old woman. I am totally aware of that I am dreaming, which I soon tell the others. I describe my talking difficulties I experience almost every time I have a lucid dream. To my surprise the woman recognizes my problem and then she claims that she’s dreaming as well. My girlfriend seems confused – she doesn’t think of herself as being in a dream state. After this interesting but short conversation we leave the table. Suddenly we are in a big empty warehouse instead. We examine the building and find a hole in the floor. In some way we manage to get down through the hole, where we find a basement with plenty of pillars spread around the room. Here we get surrounded by a group of old sinister men. One of them, maybe their leader, comes closer and says that last week they had to kill 2 000 oneironauts. I awake with a start.

This is from a dream I had in July (don’t remember the exact date).


Rescuing a drowning child

17 September, 2008 – 22:38

I have strong desire to see the ocean. I start to walk and very soon huge sand dunes emerge in front of me. I can hear the waves as I follow the gravel path towards the shore and I feel excited. “I’m going to see the ocean again!” The first thing I see when I pass the dunes is a huge wave raising several meters above the ground and it hits the shore with an enormous force. When the wave has disappeared I spot a child in the water, almost drowning. She’s fighting against the currents that want to drag her away from land and it leaves me no time for reflection. Immediately I throw myself into the water and I manage to save her. When I stand there with the child in my arms I turn around towards the shore and about 50 meters away I notice a sun-bathing woman, supposedly the little girl’s mother. She is unaware of what has happened to the girl and I blame her for not supervising her daughter. This irritation is soon replaced by a dreadful and overwhelming hopelessness.

This was a dream I had July 22.