Backstage video from Garage

19 February, 2008 – 10:48

You probably know that we played on Swedish television show Garage. I just want to tips about a interview we did backstage at the same time.

Klick here to look at the interview!

They are also sending the shows ones more but this time at SVT1. Here is the time and date:
3 mar 2008 17:00 @ SVT1
5 mar 2008 09:30 @ SVT1
7 mar 2008 10:30 @ SVT1

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  2. does not work for me?? it shows the link is finished but nothing happens… :(

    By Claudi on Feb 19, 2008

  3. Looking great guys! Men hur i all världen har ni fått tag på en sån snygg mediaspelare?! Jag har en lite oansenlig podcastspelare själv. Eran var ju våldsamt flådig…

    mvh Jonas

    On The Cinnamon
    low-fi songwriterstuff for everyone.

    By Jonas Lindsköld on Feb 21, 2008

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