Album name and article

28 January, 2008 – 12:15

Last week there was a article in the local newspaper Dala-Demokraten about the band. See a big one here.

Okej, We have got some really great suggestions for our up coming album but before we decided which one we’ll use we need some more suggestions. So keep send them in. We really need you on this one!

Who’s On Our Side? – Oskar Kalm
Silly Album – Johanna Billingskog
What About A Record? – Rebecka Karlström

Read them all on our new Album Names Page

I found a picture from our gig at Gargerocken.

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  2. aww how amazing :) I wanna read this article :) I am so proud :D

    oooh hmm, yeah the album name. dunno. I thought about it but could not come up with anything genius yet. but I also not think that the ones suggested really totally fits… they do not fully represent you or are a bit uncreative. how can this be so hard? :(


    By Claudi on Feb 1, 2008

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