Garage and birthday!

7 November, 2007 – 10:48

If you missed Garage on Kunskapskanalen you can watch the show on their homepage. Check it out.

Today is Goran’s birthday and the band says congratulations!

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  2. hihi I also did at 0:05 or so :P hehe

    hope you are having a big party….

    and now I will watch the video :D

    By Claudi on Nov 7, 2007

  3. yeyeye it was amazing :) and I also understood a bit of the things you were saying :P yeah we people here in germany like music from Borlänge :P many groupies :P hahaha

    was so amazing to see you play and talk again :) means a lot to me :)

    and haha this filmm of this guy :P ska vi knulla? :P hehe did not get all but this :P

    ha det så bra!

    By Claudi on Nov 7, 2007

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