Bye Borlänge! Hello Uppsala!

27 August, 2007 – 18:07

Written in Uppsala 20th of August 2007

I’ve had this apartment for 3 or 4 months now but until today I hadn’t really moved here. This time I brought almost all of my stuff. Ask my back if it was heavy! And still I have my instruments and my studio equipment left. Well, I do have one of my acoustic guitars here since I’m planning to play in the street tomorrow. When I played here last week two people from the Uppsala Reggae Festival came up to me and asked me to play at the camping. I did it, even if it was a bit strange – I’m not even listening to reggae! Somehow a lot of people seemed to enjoy it though. And 260 people got caught because they were doing drugs

So, I’ve left Borlänge. Obviously it’s possible to do that without being a soccer player or a big rock star. Here in Uppsala I will study philosophy and hopefully play (and write) a lot of music. I also see this as an opportunity to add new things to my life and get rid of old unnecessary ones. Of course all old ones aren’t bad so I will save a few – even if they are going to change in some ways. “Change is not necessary negative”. I believe in that and I’ll keep that in mind!

I’m living in some sort of dorm (we are 12 people who share a kitchen and “living room”) and the people here seem great! Really. I haven’t met all of them yet but hopefully the rest of them are OK too.

Now I have to sleep. Got plenty of things to do tomorrow…

Bye Borlänge! Hello Uppsala!

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  2. aaaww you moved now? I hope everything is fine with you!

    wow sounds like a great experience, I’m sure you will have a great time!

    and 12 people, uff that’s a lot, do you have your own bed room? or do you sleep alltogether in one?

    so yeah, philosophy, what you planned to do :) I’m glad to hear that you’re living your dreams :P

    and wow 260 people got caught :P haha well yeah reggae people :P maybe Johan takes drugs every day as well :P haha no just kidding

    so I hope you will have an amazing time in Uppsala! always reminds me of me and Dave singing that German “Ein Student aus Uppsala” song in the train when we came to Borlänge for the first time to see all of you :) which has been one of the greatest experiences in my life ;)

    sleep well!!! and have fun in that new city!

    By Claudi on Aug 27, 2007

  3. Yes, I have! I got my own room and bathroom but we share the kitchen and a livingroom, so it’s not bad at all! =)
    Philosophy seems to have been the right choice, at least this far. A lot of interesting people with interesting thoughts.
    I don’t have time to sit here anymore because I have to publish a new video and then I’m headed for Falun to practice with the band! But have a great weekend! =) See you!


    By Marcus on Aug 31, 2007

  4. that’s alright, you sound like a busy man now :P

    By Claudi on Aug 31, 2007

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