Johan on tour! Video blog #14

21 August, 2007 – 17:16

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  2. haha was just writing a new comment to the video 13 and when I was finished this new one was up :D
    hahaha a scout-camp?? how cool :P
    haha well Johan not everybody needs alcohol to have fun :P and you are a rockstar already :P at least for me hahaha

    hahaah, you a hippie? NOOO WAYYY :D ok bit of long hair, but that’s all ;)

    yeah music video :p I will give it to mtv then :P

    sounds like the tour was amazing :D

    and yeah see you soon ;) in september maybe :D

    By Claudi on Aug 21, 2007

  3. What’s this?!?!?
    You’re using the video blogs to promote your reggae band! :D

    Ok, I have to admit it’s really good ;)
    So everybody check out

    And really interesting to hear about the tour. Nice work!
    Definitely att WAAB? tour sometime!

    By Goran on Aug 22, 2007

  4. Great blog Johan!
    I’m on for a tour with WAAB. I would love to play that much my self.


    By Love on Aug 22, 2007

  5. yeah a tour :D could organize some stuff here in Germany for you ;)

    By Claudi on Aug 22, 2007

  6. Actually we have talked quite a bit about doing a tour i Germany. And done some serious research which eventually lead us to the conclusion that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish it this year.

    But… we now know a lot more then we did before.
    I’m thinking about writing a blog about it. How much work it would be and what the main problems are. But first I have to make time to go thru it all and sort out the most important stuff.

    By Goran on Aug 24, 2007

  7. Hi hello!

    Yes, the scouts was crazy! So nice to play for them!
    Maybe I’m little hippie? Or? No, I don’t think so!
    But they was very kindly. I would like to go back there some time, to the collective. We was sleeping in Indian tents, with open fire, so cool! But the hole band smelled of the smoke the rest of the week haha!

    We hope we’re gonna start making the video in some weeks.
    Now we have a promise… Bad… But good? Or, what do you say Goran? :)

    Have a nice time! It’s late and I’m gonna sleep now. (2.20 AM)
    Was watching a scary movie on TV, so I hope I can sleep… :P

    /johan the hippie!

    By Johan on Aug 24, 2007

  8. hahaha wonderful :p

    yeah hope, you slept well, I was out at a concert and then dancing :) was wonderful as well

    haha yeah you are the biggest hippie I’ve ever known :D

    yeah really wanna se that video, and I can definitely help you with the tour in germany, I promise ;)

    hahaha and Indian tent, open fire, must have been amazing :P back to the roots ;) hahaha

    By Claudi on Aug 25, 2007

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