Peace And Love!

28 June, 2007 – 13:50

Love at Peace and Love camping

Right now, we are at the Peace and Love festival i our hometown Borlänge. Over 20 000 visitors are comming to our town to listen, party and have fun.

If you are here, you have to come to our camp. If you look right after the camping entrance you will find our party place. Please join us when we play giutar, drink and talk.


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  2. wow….sounds like a lot of fun…too bad I have to do a case study about IKEA; but at least I have some Swedish atmosphere here then :P we will talk a bit Swedish in our presentation :P

    so I hope it will be great at P&L and I hope your gig goes well!

    MÃ¥nga kramar!

    By Claudi on Jun 28, 2007

  3. Hej hej! Jag var också där!
    Min skiva som jag fick av er gick sönder! :(


    By Elizabeth on Jul 2, 2007

  4. Haha jag har ditt skivfoderal bettan!

    Johan! och så sviker du mig, jag stog och väntade under skylten hela veckan;)

    By amanda on Jul 3, 2007

  5. yap ive been there,too.but unfortunately just for one day (we actually planned to stay there for three days).
    however it was pretty cool and borlänge is just like i imagined (we had about 5 hours to take a walk through it because we had to wait for the damn bus..).

    By isabel on Jul 8, 2007

  6. To bad about your cd Elizabeth :(
    If it’s to some comfort you can download the songs and make a new one ;)

    well amanda, you know rockstars :P

    isabel, what did you imagine Borlänge as?

    By Goran on Jul 10, 2007

  7. Hej!

    Nu har man återhämtat sig efter P & L.
    Blev lite sjuk efter, men men, är man rockstar så återhämtar man sig snabbt!

    Amanda, mina plikter som rockstar kallade, sÃ¥ jag hade fullt upp att skriva autografer, svara pÃ¥ beundrarbrev och sÃ¥ vidare…
    Eller, så har jag ingen bra förklaring! Tyvärr!

    Ha det bra!

    By Johan on Jul 12, 2007

  8. Oh yes, Goran, I will.. ;)

    By Elizabeth on Jul 14, 2007

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