Back on track

2 May, 2007 – 15:08

So I’m back home again. Feels great but strange. The world can be a strange place. Just like living in a bag. For those who don’t know, I’ve been out traveling for over two months. I’ve been to Finland, Russia, Mongolia, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

It’s been a wonderful trip and I have learned so much about all the countries, people and myself. I met so many great people out there and one of the things why I met so many great people was because of music. I had my guitar with me.
I have to tell you about this Russian guy I met on the Transmongolian Railway. He couldn’t speak any English. He played a song on the guitar and then I played a song and we just looked at each other. So cool. I think we sat and played for an hour. Music makes the world go around. Or it maked me go around the world.

Ok, I don’t have enough space here to tell you everything (the server would break down and Goran would not be happy ;) But here’s the highlights:
Mongolia – It has a beautiful country side. I was riding horses for the first time ever.
Beijing – This big city was really cool to see and of course I went to the great wall and the forbidden city.
Malaysia – Beaches, diving and the easy life.

Ferry between Sweden and Finland Ulan Batar, capital of Mongolia The Great Wall of China
Tiananmen Square in Beijing Southwest Thailand Great Food, Thailand
Diving at Turtle Bay Divers Perhentian Islands Petronas Twin Towers, KL Malaysia Mosque in KL, Malaysia

But now I’m back and the wheel is spinning.

// Love

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  2. I just have to say that it’s very nice to have you home again my Love. I think the band thinks so too!

    And Goran, sorry, I forgot to remind Mr.Love about the blog yesterday but we were both pretty tired after the great party. But now it’s up. Good work!


    By Johanna on May 2, 2007

  3. hey welcome back!!!

    woah so far and all alone i could have never managed that!
    and i love that situation with the guy and the guitars. it is really astonishing what music can do all over the world…if you know what i mean.
    and its good to hear that you had a great time.


    By karlie on May 2, 2007

  4. hehe, music, yes…

    well I love that you also say MR. Love, because that was what we thought of when we first saw your name…

    hope you are fine!

    ha det bra!

    By Claudi on May 2, 2007

  5. Yeah you’re right. I wouldn’t be that happy if the server broke down :P

    Sounds like you’ve been on a real adventure. Really nice!
    And I agree with Karlie, takes guts to go on a trip like that all alone. I’m impressed.

    As I said before. Really nice to have you back.
    And yes, the wheel is definitely spinning.

    Hm, would be cool if you could add some pictures…
    I’ll see what I can do ;)

    Johanna, that’s life, shit happens.
    Yepp, great party :D

    By Goran on May 2, 2007

  6. well now I uploaded some pictures with some help from mighty Goran.

    Thanks for all the feedback.
    Yeah it was a adventure espacely Russia. That was hard time but I think if you make it through Russia you can do anything.

    I think travel alone just gives you more of the trip. You can call me an egoist but I just want to be alone sometimes ;)

    By Love on May 3, 2007

  7. I liked the pictures – especially the last one with the nice clothes =) Did you buy or borrow it? And the great wall of China of course! Didn’t realize it was winter there?

    By Marcus on May 3, 2007

  8. yeah really nice pictures =P and did you manage well with the food? i mean with the eating sticks or whatever you call them :)

    and i so know what you mean with the being alone. i love being alone. everybody needs being alone for some time.

    By karlie on May 3, 2007

  9. I borrowed the clothes. You had to have the clothes to enter the mosque. It was the oldest mosque in KL and the birthplace of the city. Yeah it was a lot of snow on the wall (we had some fun there) but it was spring time down in the city.

    Almost karlie, one time in Thailand after I been to dinner at a thai family I meet. But i seen some cool food on the way.

    By Love on May 4, 2007

  10. hey ho

    i really like to read stuff like your “true-life-story”…so its good that you found your way home to tell us….(nice pic´s)

    …because i think this trips help us to understand that we live in 1 world and people are people
    ….it is not important which language they speak or which god they have…they are just like us..and it is fun to get to know them..

    bye aurelia

    By aurelia on May 9, 2007

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