What do you want to read about?

21 April, 2007 – 14:55

So, this is my first post in this blog and sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about. I came up with a handful of subjects but none of them had to do with the band or the music. But then I thought; I’m a band member so everything I write about myself and my life has to do with the band too, right? Tell me if I’m wrong. In the end it comes down to one question; What do you want to hear about? I mean, is it interesting to read about our lives, even though they are not always about the band? It’s not like I’ll stick to writing about other things than music all the time because the band is a big part of my life. Anyway, let me know what you think…

I can tell you some “traditional band news” though. I just got home from Johan’s place where we made some additional vocal-tracks on “On Your Side”. For the first time I feel really really satisfied with that song! We also got help from three female friends because we wanted them to do some singing in the chorus. I’m glad we did that since their voices definitely brought a better feeling to the song in general. Not as claustrophobic as before…

Well, When I started to write this post the plan was to write about getting my own apartment in a new city, but I think this text is long enough already. I guess that leaves a subject to write about the next time it’s my turn to write! =) Cheers!


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  2. oooh, I wanna hear the new version of the song!

    Well, I like it if you write about general stuff of your life, since I wanna know how you’re doing at the moment…Probably it’s because I not only know your band but you yourselves…so keep on doing it!

    So, well, take care, ha det bra, or so! hehe :)

    Puss och kram

    By Claudi on Apr 22, 2007

  3. Hm… tuff question Marcus.

    I don’t think we should write about EVERYTHING that comes to our heads. Think that would be way to caotic. It has to have some focus on a subject.

    In my opinion we should write things about the band.
    Don’t think I include you getting your own apartment in a new city :P

    By Goran on Apr 24, 2007

  4. Haha. Okay. Well, I think that’s too narrow which means that very soon we will have run out of interesting things to write about. But I do understand your point though. What about writing about music then? Sometimes about the band’s music, sometimes about music in general? I mean, music is rather wide, don’t you think? But it’s still a subject. And it’s definitely possible to connect it to the band. I’ll think about this for a little while and then I’ll get back to you…

    By Marcus on Apr 24, 2007

  5. Tjena!

    I like the blog! Thats my first reaction.
    I thing as long as it has to do something about ourselves and music it’s quite interesting. This was interesting.

    And I like that you writes what YOU think’s about the new “on Your Side” verision. Thats, can be, diffrent from what we as the band thinks.
    So, I like that your personal. Thats my point I think…

    Good night! Soon…


    By Johan on Apr 25, 2007

  6. hey ho,
    why are you trying so hard to find stuff “What we want to read about?”…

    i mean… even this conversation is quite interesting and funny…;-))
    …so be yourself….and it will be fine!!!

    cu aurelia

    By aurelia on Apr 26, 2007

  7. yay.i finally made my way to this page (first schoolweeks..bla bla)
    as quite everyone said before: nice idea!

    what do we wanna read about?hmm..
    maybe if there are any upcoming gigs -in sweden- [ june would be cool ;) ]
    and when there has been one you could tell us about that…
    did you hear anything from love?hows he doing?

    By isabel on Apr 26, 2007

  8. Have to admit Aurelia’s comment made me laugh because we sometimes think way to much about stuff ;)

    Ok, I agree on keeping it personal. Writing about things that really matter to you. Including the band on a regular basis. I’m still a bit hesitant to “music in general” as Marcus would like. But then again, it’s definitely a big part of our lives. And people like reading about it (at least I think they do). So why not :)

    Sorry Isabel but all questions about Love will we left unanswered for a day or two. Don’t want to spoil anything ;)

    But what you other guys&girls think about the “write about the gigs” that Isabel suggested?
    Is it fun to read about?

    By Goran on Apr 27, 2007

  9. hmm, yes I’d like to hear something about your gigs…

    By Claudi on Apr 29, 2007

  10. soooo…hi first…reading this hole converstaion is quite funny…and interesting. i think if you’d write something about yourselves it all comes back to music and the band ’cause it’s a part of you and your life…i guess how marcus said in the blog…

    but personally for me writing about gigs is not so my type of interest only if it may be a very imortant one, one where you had a lot of fun or one that was total crap, which could even happen to you :)

    and now again i find my writing crappy…but bla

    By karlie on Apr 30, 2007

  11. hehe, nice blog…i like it, and i like the relationship that you keep with your fans, but always keep the personal things of each member in secret…well not with everybody, but round internet you can find several kind of person, so be carefully….but you can trust in me hehe

    Anyway, i’d like to heard the new version of the song “On your side”, personally i really like this song, is sweet and with a lot of energie.

    Well, guys, gooooooood luck and take care!

    And remeber if you come some day to Barcelona, you just have to tell me:)


    By Camila on May 1, 2007

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