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17 April, 2007 – 01:31

Feels a bit awkward writing about yourself but I’ll do my best :)

I’m like the “sixth band member” that doesn’t play any instrument. Or fifth if you like, now that we lack a drummer.

Basically I’m involved in everything except the musical part.

I ask those classical questions that are important to think about but rather easy to forget. It can get very philosophical at times. Or what do you say Marcus? ;)

I constantly try to find how we can become even better at what we do, learning from both success and mistake. Sometimes we have a lot of ideas and want to do everything at the same time. In those cases I try to find what is most important at the moment and break it down into smaller steps that we more easily can get done.

When the band records I sometimes come along and just hang. But more often I try to stay out of the way. Nothing I can really contribute to there. Not my “cup of tea”, as the British say.

To be honest I’m more of a computer geek 8) I make and maintain websites, fix the more complicated stuff on MySpace, general computer support for the band, and so on ;)

IT is my biggest passion. (although the band is on a close second place) And right now I study IT at the local university.

At gigs I come along and carry stuff, act as an extra driver, help out where possible. Sometimes I even sit at the soundboard. (Never knew before how much gear a whole band has!)

I know it’s not very normal for a band to have an extra member but I like it :) It’s a fun gang and we do a lot of stuff I wouldn’t do otherwise. Like travelling to strange places for a gig and learning very nerdy things about sound.

If you play the guitar in a band you can easily say “I’m the guitarist”. But I really don’t have a clue what to call myself. Any suggestions? Does it even make any sense what I’m doing in the band :?:

// Goran

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  2. Hej hej!

    Jepp, Goran is like our fourth member, but, he’s not playing an music instrument, he’s more playing the music business instrument! Do you know what I meen?
    It’s not ease to know how to get out the music in the world, you have to test a lot of ideas and brainstorm them. That’s one the big things he help us with. Comes up with great ideas, mix them up, turn them upside down, and then put them together as a new better one…

    Me, Love, Marcus and David is musicans, not business man, yet… And because of that we think like musicans. Goran often say that! :P
    Then Goran tries to thinks like the business man, and asks tricky questions. Thats the way we get’s all the good ideas, and maybe some bad ones… i don’t know… :) I’m tired…

    Maybe we can make a blogg from a meeting, then you can see, it’s funny…


    By Johan on Apr 18, 2007

  3. so at first hello fourth member… ;-)

    it sounds like important stuff what you do…..even if you don’t have a clue what to call yourself…

    what about the titel…. german “Hintermann”….english “backer”
    because ervery good band has great guy behind the scenes…;-))

    and it is good to get to know a person like you …so keep up the good work!!!


    By aurelia on Apr 18, 2007

  4. Isn’t Goran the fifths member of the band? I mean there are Love, Johan, Marcus and David who are already 4 or am I wrong…Something happened of what you did not tell me??

    I’m kinda confused and sad anyway, because I got to know about this site, 5 minutes ago…and I thought…well don’t mind…

    By Claudi on Apr 18, 2007

  5. …no i am wrong…….thats happening if you copy text from other comments.. ;-)

    By aurelia on Apr 18, 2007

  6. Seems like we have to learn Johan some basic math :P

    Hm… “Hintermann”… “backer”…
    Don’t think I’ve heard it before.
    What does a guy/girl like that do?
    Any famous ones? :)

    By Goran on Apr 19, 2007

  7. No…no famous backer…because they are behind the scenes…;-))
    and it is not really a is more a “job” name!!!

    bye aurelia

    Ps: what you said about the idear of a test audience…i think that is a good idear….and if we and the blog pass the test than you/ we will see what comes around…;-))

    By aurelia on Apr 19, 2007

  8. what do you mean by test-audience?

    well, Johan should actually know these simple maths-formulas, since he takes/took an economics-course in school…

    so well, is Love back already? How is it going with all of you? Please hug everyone from me, soon I will be able to speak Swedish with you…next lesson is tomorrow…

    Pussar och kramar

    By Claudi on Apr 19, 2007

  9. (usch vad ond jag känner mig, som skriver på svenska)
    bjöd er på te och falafel- och pizzasalladsmackor för några timmar sedan och nu skulle jag alltså säga vad jag tycker om detta.. 1) det är bättre än jell, haha 2) the way back down är nog bäst 3) tyvärr ÄR nog poprpck endaste genren som passar in.. 4) Hörrö Göran utan ö, du kan ju kalla dig för bandets gran

    (ja, och så får ni ju gärna adda på msn så jag känner mig som stor och tuff och; jag kommer och är er enda publik på fredag, snällt va?)

    By Anna on May 31, 2007

  10. Tack för mackorna! Riktigt schysst! :)

    poprock alltsÃ¥…
    ja, vad hände egentligen med den genren, används typ aldrig nuförtiden
    om poprock är för brett och ospecifikt får vi väl uppfinna en ny genre ;)
    “rockig pop” kanske

    tycker du det låter som något annat band då?

    haha, skulle du känna dig stor och tuff om vi adda dig på msn?! :D
    väldigt trevligt att du kommer på fredag i alla fall

    By Goran on May 31, 2007

  11. Goran utan prickar alltsÃ¥… Nu förstÃ¥r jag lite mer, men det är ändÃ¥ lite ledsamt att du inte stÃ¥r med pÃ¥ myspace sidan. Jag tror nästan fortfarande att du försöker lura mig pÃ¥ nÃ¥got sätt ;)
    (Kan man verkligen säga “jag tror nästan”? jag lÃ¥ter väldigt osäker)
    /Mig :D

    By "Kjellsson" on Oct 4, 2007

  12. Goran Goran… Idag fick jag en fråga av en vän: “Men hallå!? Goran står ju inte med på WAAB’s MySpace! Han är ju inte med i bandet!?”
    Oh nooo! “LÄS!” Haha, nu när jag äntligen har fattat hela grejen så ska jag börja förklara och grejer, det funkar ju inte alls. Lever du förresten? Har inte hört av dig på länge. Har du glömt mig? :(

    By DQ on Jan 21, 2008

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